Creating a new path after redundancy

At Get Unstuck, we frequently work with talented professionals that are looking to reinvent their career after a redundancy. That might sound strange if you’ve recently been made redundant – understandably, many people see redundancy as a negative – but it’s important to recognise the opportunities it unlocks. Now is your chance to re-evaluate your career path, find your purpose, and pursue work that you find fulfilling and rewarding. Ultimately, this is your chance to find a job that doesn’t feel like a job.

We can help clients to negotiate the choices in front of them, figuring out what really matters. We focus on you, and help you to do the same: what makes you tick, what barriers have you erected in your own mind, and what do you really bring to the table? Our experienced coaches can help you understand yourself, putting you in a much better position to create meaning, happiness, and success as you re-enter the job market. Here are some of the specific ways we can help you in your search for a new career:

What’s your story?
If your life was a movie, you’d be the main character. But what’s your story? What’s your motivation? What are your strengths and weaknesses? And, perhaps most importantly, what’s your character arc? A character’s arc describes the ways in which they evolve to meet new challenges, overcome obstacles, and progress through their story. It takes them from where they’ve been to where they’re going. In the real world, we can’t sit back and expect someone else to write our story – we have to write it ourselves. Get Unstuck can help you to figure out what comes next and how it dictates your career aspirations.

Is your CV everything it should be?
Everyone knows that your CV should be tailored to the career you’re looking for. But few people manage to put this into action effectively. Partly, that’s because most people only send out their CVs occasionally, so they’re not experts at knowing what should be on them. But it’s also true that most people simply don’t know how to present themselves in their best light. At Get Unstuck, our experienced coaches can help you get an outsider perspective and write your CV in a way that’s targeted to the role you want.

At the interview stage, practise makes perfect
What separates two equally qualified applicants from one another? Often, it is how well they do at the interview stage. Luckily, all of us have the ability to become interview experts… provided we have someone to show us the way. At Get Unstuck, we can help you prepare for any interview in two important ways: we can help you unlock the keys to greater charisma, becoming a “people person”. And we can help you rehearse the process, letting you master subject matter, prepare for different personalities, and practise specific conversational techniques to lead the interview where you want it.

If you were recently made redundant, don’t despair – this could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Get in touch with Get Unstuck on 01908 904085 and find out how we can help you transform bad luck into good luck.