Are you following your purpose or someone else’s?

Here is a secret that all coaches know: whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, you have a purpose. This isn’t some new age aphorism – it’s a factual statement. The task you’re doing right now, and the values you’re acting in accordance with, have a purpose… it just might not be yours.

Think about it: you’re stuck in a job that bores you, making less money than you’d like. But you stick it out. Why? Well, chasing the career you want might mean a loss of income, or it might involve more risk than you’re comfortable with. Or, if we’re really being honest, it might just be easier to stay where you are and keep your dreams as dreams – something pleasant to ponder as you stare out of the office window.

Now that might not sound like a life lived with purpose – but it is! It’s just that the purpose in question isn’t yours. You are making someone money. You’re providing someone with a service. You’re furthering someone’s agenda and helping them get closer to their dream. You are fulfilling a purpose, just not your own.

When we act in accordance with our own values, and follow our own purpose, we excel. That doesn’t necessarily mean we “succeed” in all of our aims – there’s no magic trick that hands you everything you want with no risk of failure, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. But finding out what’s at your core gives you a huge advantage in this game we call life. That’s because you’ll automatically be more engaged in what you’re doing – more motivated and fulfilled – if you’re purposefully working towards your own goals, and in accordance with the values you hold dear.

This truth doesn’t just apply to individuals – it applies to organisations too. You staff – from the most senior manager to the newest intern – will thrive in a purposeful culture where they can buy in to your company’s values and align their personal goals with the goals of the business. People want to believe in something, and they want to build great things – if you can harness these drives in the workplace, then your business is more likely to be successful and profitable than those that can’t.

If you need help defining your values and finding your purpose, give Claire a call.