Our story

Get Unstuck Coaching is a team of specialist leadership coaches dedicated to helping you find your purpose and passion and help you turn a corner in your professional life. We work with businesses and individuals across the UK, and have helped some of the country’s most successful leaders overcome career plateaus. We do this through the use of innovative tools from the cutting edge of coaching psychology – as well as tried and tested methods that have worked for us in our own careers.

Our 4 step process

Meet our director

Claire Blissitt Business Coach & Director

Get Unstuck Coaching was founded by Claire Blissitt, a businesswoman with twenty years of experience in senior executive roles across multiple industries, as well as an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. Her mix of real-world experience and specialised training offers clients a holistic approach to coaching that has the benefit of being firmly grounded in both the science and her own first-hand experience.

Our team of specialists.

Our team of expert coaches have all the experience necessary to help you through your working challenges – whatever they may be. Our coaches are all fully qualified and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. This lets us offer personalised coaching across a wide range of sectors and industries, and it all but guarantees that every client will find a coach that’s the right  fit for them.This is vital for a successful coaching relationship.

Network of supervision.

At Get Unstuck Coaching, we have long-term relationships with some of the biggest and most experienced names in the UK coaching world. Our mentors are drawn from academia and industry and provide us with a professional and regulated network of support. In practical terms, you can have peace of mind that this guarantees two things: first, we always live up to best practise. And second, in the unlikely event that we don’t have an answer for something, we know people that will.

Our accreditations.